BFS Sponsorship

About Sponsorship

Following extensive discussions with companies, who in recent years have provided significant financial support to the British Fertility Society, we have now agreed to re-organise the Corporate Patronage arrangements.

General Principles

The British Fertility is extremely grateful to its Principal Sponsors and Corporate Members for supporting the Society. The companies should note that educational grants to the BFS Educational Charity Ltd have significant tax benefits to those providing the grants.

Companies that do not wish to be Principal Sponsors or Corporate Members will be charged standard rates at all meetings. Any company representatives who wish to attend both the exhibition and the scientific meetings will be charged at that standard rate, but company representatives who wish only to attend the exhibition will be charged on a daily basis at 50% of the standard daily delegate rate. Companies who are neither Principal Sponsors nor Corporate Members may also wish to sponsor specific prizes and awards and these can be negotiated separately.

Levels of Sponsorship

For each financial year beginning March 1 (which is the start of the BFS financial year) there are two levels of sponsorship available:

Further information on these, and other opportunities, can be discussed with the Secretariat.