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Patient Support

The BFS cannot comment on individual cases or offer medical advice but there are a number of organisations that can offer guidance and support on fertility and reproduction issues. For more information, please follow the link to the Infertility Network UK website (see the box to the right of this page).

BFS Factsheets

Blood donation following fertility treatment
Who`s who in fertility clinics?
Key facts on infertility, IVF and NHS provision
Human Reproductive Cloning and the views of the British Fertility Society
Psychosocial aspects of infertility
Risks and complications of assisted conception
arrow British Fertility Society guidelines on preimplantation genetic screening


Infertility Network UK

Infertility Network UK is the national charity offering practical and emotional support to all those suffering from infertility. They provide a wide range of services including professional advice, interactive website, quarterly magazine, and access to up to date accurate information and fact sheets on a wide range of infertility related issues.

Infertility Network UK

Support for those experiencing difficulties in conceiving from Black and Minority Ethnic communities (pdf)