Membership Fees

2014 Fees

The effective date for membership subscriptions is 1st March . There is a differential annual membership fee dependent on your membership category as outlined below:

Associate £135 Individuals who do not have any of the professional backgrounds listed below or who do not work in a treatment centre or academic institute should join this category.  This might include lawyers, members of the pharmaceutical industry, parliamentarians or civil servants for example.
Clinician £135 All registered medical professionals should join this category if they are wholly or partly working as a clinician in Reproductive Medicine.  This would include clinicians studying for an MD or PhD as part of their daily work.
Counsellor £65 This category of membership includes those working as a counsellor in or associated with a treatment centre, or who work in an academic institute with research or professional interest in psychosocial aspects of Reproductive Medicine.
Manager £65 Anyone working wholly in a managerial role within a centre should join this category regardless of his or her professional background.  This could include Business Managers or Quality Managers.
Nurse £65 All State Registered Nurses working wholly or partly within a clinic should join this category.  This category could also include nurses working in an academic setting undertaking teaching or research roles.
Paramedical £65 Healthcare Professionals who do not belong to any of the other categories listed and performing a function within a treatment centre should join this category.  This may include for example, acupuncturists, ultrasonographers, phlebotomists, pharmacists and support workers.
Retired £65

All individuals who are now retired and unwaged should join this category regardless of their prior professional background.

Scientist £65 This category may include Andrologists or Embryologists working in a treatment centre in addition to researchers working in an academic setting.
Student * £60 Individuals who are studying full time for an academic qualification for which they are in receipt of a grant or bursary should join this category.  This does not include those studying part-time whilst working in another role (e.g. MD students).  Applicants for this category of membership should include written proof of their student status.

The membership year runs from 1st March – 28 February. Please note that non-payers will automatically be lapsed on 1st June.

Membership application...

* Supporting letter from department head should be attached - student rates will apply for a maximum of three years only